We live by a set of guiding principles to drive the culture in our business and deliver exceptional service.


1. Can do attitude! You can inspire and achieve by your attitudes and actions.

2. Customer satisfaction and perfect service. It’s about the customer, always!  We exist to satisfy the customer and do everything in our power to add value to the customer’s experience.

3. Respect. We treat everyone with respect and dignity. We don’t call our people staff – they are part of the team. All ideas are encouraged and every individual counts.

4. Continuous improvement. We strive for excellence and are never satisfied – always raising the bar to keep improving, even if it means changing everything we do.

5. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Communication is both directions: listening as well as talking. Get communication going continuously and in as many ways as you can.

6. We are cost conscious. We continuously find ways to reduce expenses, cut our wastage and improve productivity.

7. Accountability, Commit, Take ownership. Be responsible for your actions and results.

8. Teamwork. Depend on others and others must be able to depend on you. Teamwork means supporting and coaching all around you. We succeed through the effort of our teams not through individual performance.

9. Trust & Integrity. By operating with honesty and integrity we instill trust in our team, customers and suppliers.

10. Do it now! Make decisions, take action, get it done. Everything we do, we do with a sense of urgency